Open water swimming WITHOUT LIMITS

Restube is your compact safety system for a safe time in the water.

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300,000 people trust in Restube

Restube gives you buoyancy in seconds

Additional buoyancy can be crucial in a critical situation! Keeping your head and thus your airways above water usually defuses a critical moment immediately. You can relax, recharge your batteries and regain your orientation.

Weightless in the water

Experience freedom in mind and body with Restube! You can move entirely freely with it, because Restube has no temporally measurable resistance in the water, so your speed and required muscle power remain completely unaffected.

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Restube is your safety companion for countless adventures! Depending on the model, you can trigger Restube up to 250 times, and with the proper maintenance, we guarantee a 5-year lifespan.After triggering, you can have Restube ready for use again in just a few minutes.

With integrated signal whistle

With a whistle sound you can audibly draw attention to yourself and request help when you need it. Restube’s trigger handle is therefore designed to also function as a signal whistle with a very loud sound, so you can be heard even at long distances.

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300,000 people trust in Restube worldwide

300,000 people

trust in Restube worldwide


People trust in Restube


Lifes saved


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No compromise when swimming

4 reasons why you should wear Restube

4 reasons

why you should wear Restube

Focus on what really counts when training

It's your time in the water, stroke by stroke, that matters. You should have a clear head and focus entirely on the moment. Restube gives you the freedom you need - it's your "peace of mind".

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Take responsibility - also for others

No one is exempt, not even you: something unexpected can always happen, to you or to someone else in the water. Restube gives you that extra buoyancy that can instantly relax a critical situation.

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Don't be restricted, enjoy full freedom of movement

Additional safety through Restube means more freedom, without restriction. The compact shape, comfortable feel and no measurable resistance in the water ensure this.

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One buoy for all your water activities

Swimming isn't your only water activity? Take Restube with you for stand-up paddling, snorkelling, kayaking or when you spend a day at the lake with your kids. More safety always brings you more freedom - no matter what the activity.

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Get to know Restube

A few years ago, our founder experienced a critical situation on the water. Since that moment, we want water sports to be safer for us and our friends and to have more fun on the water.

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Developed in Germany

is every single detail of Restube. In close cooperation with a university, our ambassadors and professional lifesavers, we are constantly improving the Restube technology for you.

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More freedom when swimming

Experience a new sense of freedom and safety in the water with Restube.

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