Aufgeblasene Restube Schwimmboje auf weißen Grund



Restube means freedom and safety in the water – for a long time! RESTUBE products are designed for a long service life and can be triggered 40 to 100 times, depending on the product type. In the following article you will learn how to properly pack your Restube after it has been triggered and what care and maintenance are necessary. The many tips and tricks will help you keep your Restube functional for a long time.

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How to pack your Restube

Once RESTUBE has been triggered, it must be made ready to be used again. You will need an original RESTUBE-CO2-Cartridge.

Warning! Only the original RESTUBE-CO2-Cartridges are 100% quality-certified, seawater resistant, rustproof, and the force is tailored to the RESTUBE trigger! Do not use comparable commercial CO2 cartridges! These will not guarantee inflation of RESTUBE in an emergency.

How to pack

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Below you find a list of possible problems and how to solve them!

Buoy does not fit into the pocket
Buoy is not fully emptied
Empty buoy completely
Velcro does not close
Buoy is not folded correctly
  • Observe packaging instructions
  • Nut on the trigger must face the label with the nut symbol
  • CO2 cartridge cannot be screwed in or only screwed in with much difficulty
    Buoy is not positioned correctly in the pocket
  • Close release lever and secure with securing clip. Then screw in new CO2 cartridge
  • RESTUBE moves around waist strap
    The release lever was not closed before screwing in the CO2 cartridge
  • Insert waist strap correctly and position pocket
  • Fasten waist strap tightly
  • Trigger is not accessible or only with much difficulty
    Waist strap not inserted correctly into the strap positioner
  • Trigger must hang out from the pocket
  • Observe correct positioning and alignment of the pocket on the body: trigger must be easily accessible!
  • If you cannot find an answer to your question here, check the FAQ page on our homepage. There we provide more useful information for you.

    Restube Care - What care does your Restube need?

    Maintain your RESTUBE product after every use. Five minutes of your time will help to make sure that you carry on being able to enjoy the product.

    1. Take the bladder out of its bag and check all parts for external damage: Bag, bladder, trigger, trigger cord and CO2 cartridge. None of the components should show signs of heavy use, significant rust or damage.

    Following use in saltwater or chlorinated water: Remove the bladder from its bag, and rinse both in fresh water, ensuring that the oral valve is closed and that the car- tridge is screwed in first. If the product has become particularly dirty, wash it with mild detergent or a weak solution of lye and rinse it with fresh water afterwards. Do not use cleaning agents which contain alcohol or solvents.

    3. The bladder and its bag should be opened and hung out to dry. Once dry, pack the system back up in accordance with the packing instructions.

    Restube maintenance - Which steps are necessary to maintain your Restube correctly?

    With a little care, you will be able to maintain your undamaged RETUBE product your- self. If you are unsure about something, contact us by email: We will be happy to carry out a check for you – all you will have to pay for is the costs of postage and for any replacement parts which may be needed. NOTE: Never carry out any repairs on your RESTUBE product yourself!

    Maintenance intervals

    At least every year, as well as before any longer periods of use. Additionally, maintenance should also be carried out following every inflation

    Visual check

    Check all components for damage, wear or deposits: Bag & stitching, waistband and buckle, bladder, trigger, trigger cord, CO2 cartridge and CO2 cartridge thread (to do this, unscrew the cartridge and screw it back in again)

    Trigger test

    We suggest that you trigger your RESTUBE product in the water, so that you can experience the buoyancy yourself. Once back on land, unscrew the cartridge and move the release lever as if triggering the device. The pin should move inside the fitting for the cartridge.

    Oral valve test

    Remove the cap from the valve and depress the oral valve in order to allow some CO2 to escape. Afterwards, the oral valve should be completely sealed again. Next, empty the float entirely via the oral valve. Next, inflate the float via the oral valve until it is firm, using only your breath to do so.

    Air-tightness of the float

    Having completely inflated the float by blowing into it, leave it somewhere where the temperature is stable for 24 hours. Should it lose a lot of air during this period, the product will need to be replaced. NOTE: Pure CO2 slowly diffuses through the material which the bladder is made of. It is therefore normal for the float to slowly empty over a period of 15- 30 hours if it has been filled with pure CO2 from the cartridge.

    We hope these tips and tricks help you to keep your RESTUBE product up and running. For a good and safe time in the water!

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    Your RESTUBE team