Restube Beuchat Kooperation, Schnorchler am Grund mit aufgeblasener Restube Schwimmboje



The primary goal of RESTUBE: More freedom and safety in the water for everyone. In order to offer a safe experience for more people, especially in diving, RESTUBE is now cooperating with Beuchat, the world-renowned developer and manufacturer of underwater equipment.

The Restube buoy, a safety product that provides buoyancy in a critical situation, is the most versatile system for more safety in the water. RESTUBE is ideal for divers and snorkellers! When Restube is triggered under water, the buoy pulls upwards and makes it easier to ascend. When above water, the buoy provides not only more visibility, but also enough buoyancy to keep your head above water while you lean over it.

RESTUBE and Beuchat are launching two products: Restube Freediving and Restube Snorkeling.  BEUCHAT freediving Restube corresponds to the well-known Restube extreme. The buoy and bag are very robust and have a length of 75 cm and buoyancy of 75N. BEUCHAT freediving Restube is suitable for free diving to a depth of approx. 25m and can be used for spearfishing. BEUCHAT snorkeling Restube is a variant of Restube beach, which is reduced to the basic functions of Restube and offers a buoyancy of 50N with a buoy length of 50 cm. BEUCHAT snorkeling Restube is – as the name suggests – designed for relaxed snorkelling adventures.

BEUCHAT freediving Restube and BEUCHAT snorkeling Restube are available in the Beuchat online shop at Beuchat will also distribute both products to dive retailers in Europe.

Steffen Rose, International Business Development RESTUBE: “The cooperation with Beuchat will raise the safety standard for freediving, spearfishing and snorkeling to a new level. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation!”

About Beuchat:

Beuchat was founded by George Beuchat in 1934 and today is the leading brand of underwater sports in France. George was an emblematic pioneer of underwater activities, always looking for developing products to be more successful and comfortable. He created the first isothermal diving wetsuit in 1953. This fundamental invention has played a key role in the development of underwater activities. Since that time, this search for innovative suits is an essential part of the brands identity, thus bringing more comfort and reliability to allow the greatest number of people to live their passion for the sea in optimal conditions.

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