Do your friends, children, parents or relatives like to spend their time on the water? Then Restube is the perfect gift to make your loved ones very happy! Restube is the product for more freedom and safety in and around the water.

How does Restube work?

Restube is an inflatable back-up for the water. It is packed extremely small in a bag, weighs only about 200 grams and can be attached to a belt or by athletes directly to their equipment. If an unpleasant situation arises in the water, just pull the trigger and the yellow Restube buoy inflates in a few seconds using the built-in CO2 cartridge. The filled buoy gives you time to orientate yourself in the water, to recharge your batteries, to draw attention to yourself with the signal colour and to help others with the buoy. Back on land, Restube can be fitted with a new cartridge and folded up for direct reuse.

5 reasons why Restube is the perfect gift

1. The safety of your loved ones is important to you

With Restube, you give away safety. Unfortunately, when it comes to water, very few people think about the dangers and risks it poses. But there are many unpleasant situations in the water that can take you by surprise and quickly become a life-threatening danger. A cramp while swimming, a strong current or the friend who no longer has enough strength to swim to shore are just a few examples.

2. Restube is suitable for everyone

Restube is the perfect gift for truly anyone who enjoys spending time on or in the water! Swimmers, stand-up paddlers, kite surfers, surfers, boaters and snorkellers enjoy more safety and freedom in their activities thanks to the small buoy. There are 3 different models of Restube for self-protection: Restube beach, Restube active and Restube extreme. These models differ in small details and are thus optimally adapted to the area of use. You can find an overview of the different Restube products here.

Not sure which Restube is right for you? With our quiz, you can find out in just a few clicks which product suits your or the recipient's activity best.

3. The recipient will enjoy Restube for a long time

RESTUBE products are designed for a long service life and can be released 40 to 100 times, depending on the version. In addition, all Restubes also have a mouth valve for manual inflation - ideal when Restube is used as a swimming buoy. How to pack Restube correctly after release, you can learn in our "How to pack" videos".

4. Dare to try something new with confidence

You know someone who loves water but still shies away from any activity in the water? The reasons for fear of water can be very different, as can the symptoms. Often the knowledge of a safety tool helps, because it relaxes and takes away the fear. A Restube around the waist, which can be triggered, gives a good feeling in the water. You can find more helpful tips on how to overcome the fear of water in this article.

5. A lot of security for little money

We don't really talk about money. But we make an exception here. Restube is also the perfect gift, because it fits into almost any budget. Depending on the version, a Restube costs between 49.95 Euro (Restube beach) and 99.95 Euro (Restube extreme). Replacement cartridges in a pack of 2 are available for 9.99 Euro. You see, water safety doesn't have to be expensive!

Have fun giving Restube!


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