Frau mit Taucherbrille, Schnorchel und halb automatisch aufgeblasener Restube Schwimmboje kniet in den Wellen und hat Spaß.


We are pleased that you have chosen Restube for more freedom and safety in and around water.

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How to screw in the cartridge

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Open the safety line

Open the Velcro fastener and release the safety line.

Icon Restube CO2 Kartusche in Restube einschrauben.

Screw in the cartridge

Fold away release lever to avoid piercing the new CO2 cartridge.
Switch the release lever to the green postition to avoid piercing the new CO2 cartridge.
Screw the new original Restube CO2 cartridge tightly and up to the marking into the trigger mechanism.

Icon Restube CO2 Warning

Wrapping the safety leash around the buoy

Wrap only once until the yellow thread ends!
Hold the folded buoy firmly in one hand. Use the free hand to wrap the safety leash exactly once around the buoy and the back end of the CO2 cartridge.
Do not wrap the remaining safety leash further around the buoy – store it behind the CO2 cartridge in the pocket.
Pack away the folded buoy into the pocket.

Find a detailed instruction for each Restube version in the videos below.

Detailed instructions on how to pack your Restube correctly can also be found in the instruction manual and printed on the buoy and bag.

Do you have an older version of Restube which is not included above? The simple principle is always the same. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!

ATTENTION: Only the original RESTUBE CO2 cartridges are 100% quality tested, seawater resistant, fill level tested (exactly 10.9g for Restube beach or 16g for Restube active, extreme, automatic und lifeguard) and have a cap that is matched to the trigger with the appropriate release force. The cartridges comply with the standard for life jackets DIN EN ISO 12402-7. If other cartridges are used, it cannot be guaranteed that Restube will fill without problems in an emergency and the trigger may be damaged.

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