Restube Ready Befestigung für Badehosen, Badeanzüge und Neoprenanzüge



Orca is considered a pioneer for innovative wetsuits in triathlon and open water sports. Orca‘s latest concept is all about Safety First! The Openwater SW wetsuit has therefore been equipped with several systems that enormously increase the safety of swimmers.

Restube Ready

The Openwater SW is the first RESTUBE ready wetsuit from Orca. RESTUBE READY is a sophisticated system that enables the Restube to be attached directly to clothing. A patch is put on the Orca Openwater SW wetsuit, and by using a connector the Restube is easily and quickly attached to it. With the RESTUBE Ready System there is no need for wearing a hip belt and the Restube buoy is always on hand.

“We wanted to use the most advanced technology in our Orca Openwater SW to provide the safest swim, and for this, the partnership with Restube is key.”

Tomas Del Olmo
CMO Orca

Anyone who does not yet have a Restube will automatically receive a 15% voucher for the RESTUBE online shop when purchasing the new Orca Openwater SW.


The new Orca wetsuit RESTUBE ready is also equipped with Emerid, a universal identification system using NFC/Contactless technology that instantly provides the athlete’s information in the event of an accident or emergency, without the need for batteries or a downloaded application. It also includes one of the recent developments: a feature in which after the training minutes have been set, if the swimmer has not stopped the clock, the system will reach the emergency contact, previously indicated by the swimmer, via email. For more detailed information about the Emerid system, visit to find out more.

Gottfried Eisenberger is an enthusiastic open water swimmer and runs an information platform on this topic called During his last stay in Dubai in early March, he tested the Orca Openwater SW with the RESTUBE Ready system.

“I think the idea and the implementation are great – it was just about time something like this hits the market. I am a huge fan of buoys and think that they should be included in every competition – so I am very happy about this “idea”! The wetsuit works great for me when swimming and I didn’t notice the buoy at the back, neither inflated nor in the pouch.”

The new Orca Openwater SW wetsuit with RESTUBE ready is now available as a limited edition on