Stand-up Paddling Tips: Learning from the experts

by Johanna | Restube

published on August 03, 2023


Épisode 1 avec Martin Teichmann

Martin Teichmann nous fait profiter de ses nombreuses années d'expertise (en matière d'entraînement) en partageant ses conseils et astuces pour débuter sur une planche de stand-up paddle. L'objectif est d'éviter les erreurs et de s'amuser dès le début !

Nous avons résumé les conseils de Martin pour vous ici.

1) Choisissez la bonne eau ! Standing or barely flowing waters are optimal because they have little current. Also, always pay attention to the wind conditions! Never go out on the water when the wind is offshore, as it will pull you away from the shore, which is especially dangerous in the ocean.

2) Veillez à votre sécurité ! On still waters or when there is little current, use a leash! It is the connection between you and the board. Watch out on flowing water! There is a possibility that the leash get caught and you will be pulled under water!

Always have a buoyancy aid like Restube or a PFD with you! At some waters it is even compulsory to wear a PFD at a certain distance from the shore, e.g. at Lake Constance. Therefore, make sure you know the local regulations!

3) Informez-vous et connaissez les règles ! Inform yourself about the SUP sport and familiarize yourself with the rules! The 10 golden rules of the l'association allemande de SUP are a good basic knowledge. 

4) Know how to fall! 
If you fall, fall flat into the water. This way you can minimise the risk of hurting yourself.

5) Take a course and avoid mistakes! Start with a course! This way you avoid mistakes and have fun with stand-up paddling from the beginning!

 Thank you very much, dear Martin!

Martin Teichmann himself is a successful SUP athlete and the operator of the SUP school and rental station SUP TRIP in Potsdam. As a SUP instructor, he teaches beginners and advanced learners and is also the head coach of the internationally successful Havel Racers.

Suivez Martin

Find out more about Martin on his Instagram profile

Suivez Havel

And the Havel Racers are also on social media - follow them for news on training and competitions.

Martin Teichmann has been coaching the Havel Racers since 2018. For their safety, the Havel Racers are equipped with Restube PFD

Avez-vous déjà attrapé la fièvre de la pagaie ? Racontez-nous vos expériences et vos aventures sur le SUP ! Et si vous avez un autre conseil à donner à la communauté SUP, n'hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire ! Nous attendons vos commentaires avec impatience !

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