Jonas Deichmann swims with Restube

120 times Challenge Roth – in a row!

© Photo Credits: Marc Bernreuther

by Johanna | Restube

published on april 19, 2024

Jonas Deichmann is an exceptional athlete and world record holder. His adventures are extreme and sometimes risky. That is why safety is so important to him. When it comes to swimming, Jonas Deichmann now relies on RESTUBE products. We are delighted to be able to provide him with more safety and freedom for his adventures in the water!

Challenge Roth is the next big project for Jonas Deichmann. He will not only complete the long-distance triathlon once, but 120 times on consecutive days. That means: 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, 42.2 km running every day for 120 days. The start is on 9 May 2024.

Jonas Deichmann has meticulously prepared for this world record attempt and has been training intensively for months. He had RESTUBE products with him during his training camps in Portugal and Spain and was able to convince himself of their quality and versatility while swimming in the sea. His product of choice for the 120 times Challenge Roth in row is the RESTUBE swim buoy. It gives him visibility and extra buoyancy if needed. He can also store his food - his energy bars and gels - in the dry compartment of the buoy, so they are always ready to hand.


Safety in open water is extremely important - for all swimmers, regardless of whether they are training, competing or just having fun. The special products from RESTUBE provide perfect support and ensure more safety and freedom, as Jonas Deichmann is convinced: "A current can catch anyone, or you suddenly become exhausted. I can then hold on to the Restube buoy. And of course, something can happen to someone else in the water. Then I could help by passing on the buoy. I simply feel safer with Restube by my side!"

We at RESTUBE are very happy about the partnership with Jonas Deichmann and will support him with our knowledge and our products in the best possible way.

Dear Jonas, best of luck for the 120 times Challenge Roth!

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