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Safety clearly has top priority at water sports events. Therefore, organizers worldwide take advantage of Restube and integrate the small yellow buoy into their security concept. In 2019, Restube was used, mostly mandatorily, by participants at over 70 swimming, kite, SUP and triathlon events, thereby increasing the safety of more than 15,500 water sports athletes.

Restube was the official safety partner for all 10 events of the Austrian Swim Open in 2019. Philipp Kennedy, co-founder of the Austrian Swim Open: “We are very happy to have found a loyal partner at our side with RESTUBE. Restube gives our athletes security, creates equal terms across the starting field and supports water rescue and us as organizers – we love Open Water Swimming.”


Restube offers water sports enthusiasts of all kinds more safety and freedom during their activities. When packed, the 70 cm long buoy is so small and light, that when attached around your waist or on your equipment it doesn’t bother you. At around 200 grams, the bag is almost weightless in the water and even when inflated, Restube does not interfere with your swimming motion. The buoy can easily be pulled behind you and diving through waves is easy, too.

Triathlet mit aufgeblasener Restube, für die Sicherheit, schwimmt in dunklem Wasser.

Restube accompanied the participants of the Allgäu SwimRun for the fourth time this year. The SwimRun is a competition over several hours, in which the participants alternate between trail running and open water swimming stages. Barbara Seidel from Swimrun Allgäu: “We are convinced of Restube and as a result feel more secure as an organizer. The individual swimming distances are not short and monitoring with the spread starting field is not always easy.”


At many events, Restube is carried in the bag and serves as a safety back-up. If the athlete needs additional buoyancy – because of a cramp or exhaustion – a short pull on the trigger is enough for the Restube to inflate a buoy with 75 N of buoyancy in only a few seconds. This is sufficient to keep an adult’s airways afloat. In addition, the athlete can draw attention to themselves with the yellow buoy and is quickly seen by rescue workers even in a wide field of starters: A decisive advantage for the work of lifeguards and the water rescue services.

Restube Safety Partner Euro Tour SUP, Mann auf festen Stand up Paddle Board auf welligem Wasser

Restube was safety partner for all 12 races of the EuroTourSUP 2019, in which the top stars of the scene fought for important points in the World Cup. Belar Diaz of EuroTourSup about the cooperation with RESTUBE: “The reason why we chose Restube is that it is very easy to use and does not affect the performance of the athletes during the race.”


According to the rules of the German Triathlon Union (DTU) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Restube is allowed in triathlon competition.

Restube Safety Partner Peter Mayerlen

Peter Mayerlen from the Baden-Württemberg Triathlon Association (BWTV) about Restube: “I have already tested Restube myself in open water training and found it to be very good and practical. I think that it can also be used in competition without any problems, especially at long distances. Regarding the use at triathlons though I currently rely more on recommendations and voluntariness – therefore permission from the regulations is a first step in the right direction. I think that as a next step, individual organizers will use the buoys and then they will continue to prevail in the medium term due to the increasing requirements for security at events. “


For many organizers RESTUBE is already an important and indispensable partner when it comes to the safety of the participants in the water. Also, because the integration of Restube into the safety set-up is very easy. The buoys can be bought or only be borrowed by the event organizer and upon request, all participants can be instructed by RESTUBE staff. Participants can also buy Restube for private use at a discounted event price on site. If wanted RESTUBE is very happy to participate with an exhibition stand and event materials such as beach flags, buoys, giveaways and prizes for the winners.

All events with Restube are labelled with the “Safety Partner” seal!

Restube was safety partner at the legendary RedBull Coast2Coast, the longest kitesurfing race in the world. 600 participants gave it a go at the 40-kilometre route from Niobe Beach on Fehmarn (Germany) to Rødbyhavn (Denmark) and back.

Restube Safety Partner Kitesurfer, viele Kitesurfer im Wind auf dem Meer


In addition to providing individual safety for event participants, RESTUBE also offers to equip the safety teams with Restube lifeguard. The special version of Restube for professional rescue was developed in close cooperation with the SLRG as well as lifeguards from the RLNI, German lifeguards and the water rescue service.

During the full moon swimming as part of the Austrian Swim Opens 2019, Restube was equipped with LEDs. Visibility of the 250 participants was therefore guaranteed during night time!

For further information and individual offers for a Safety Partner cooperation we look forward to your message to

Restube lifeguard verpackt in roter Tasche
Restube lifeguard aufgeblasen
Restube lifeguard für Rettungsschwimmer
Eine Rettungsschwimmerin mit Fernglas, ein Rettungsschwimmer beide mit einer Restube lifeguard am Meeresstrand.
Restube lifeguard
Professional Use

Restube lifeguard

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Pour le sauvetage aquatique professionnel

Pour les sauveteurs formés. Il est très compact et robuste, il suffit de le transporter rangé dans sa poche avec sa ceinture de hanche ou directement attaché à votre harnais. Vous pouvez maintenant transporter facilement une flottabilité instantanée et vous concentrer davantage sur la situation. Les deux mains sont libres, vous pouvez nager très vite, plonger à travers les vagues ou très profond. Appuyez sur la gâchette et la bouée de sauvetage Restube pliable de 80 cm de long se gonfle en quelques secondes. Le système de verrouillage drag & secure glisse hors de la poche et le système fournit une flottabilité plus que suffisante (75N) pour sécuriser un adulte. Elle est réutilisable en vissant une nouvelle cartouche de CO2 de 16g d'origine et facile à remballer après un peu de pratique.

  • Fonction Restube complète en forme de tube de sauvetage
  • Bouée jaune avec réflecteurs
  • Jusqu'à 200 largages
  • Gonflable également avec valve buccale
  • Matériau de la bouée et sac extra robuste
  • Système robuste de fermeture de l'attelle
  • Montage flexible de l'équipement (harnais, ceintures, holster, ...)
  • Ceinture incluse (120 x 3,8 cm), ouverture d'urgence à une main.
  • Fixation horizontale et verticale à des ceintures jusqu'à 7cm
  • La poignée de la gâchette a également une fonction de sifflet.
  • Sécurise les blessés de toute taille
  • Bouée flexible avec système de crochet réglable
  • Dragonne flottante et réfléchissante (1,80m)
  • Pochette supplémentaire pour trier le système de traînée
  • Système de verrouillage sécurisé avec une charge maximale de 250 kg
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