10 tips for a safe & exciting trip to the water with children

by Johanna | Restube

published on June 20th, 2023

A trip to the lake, the river or the sea with children can be a wonderful way to spend time together in nature and create beautiful memories. We have compiled important tips for you to make the trip a safe and fun adventure for the whole family!

1. Choosing the water: 

Find out about the location in advance: is there shallow access, how deep is the water, any strong currents, what is the water quality like? Also consider the velocity of the water in rivers and the tides at the sea. Ask yourself whether your children's swimming abilities are suitable for the water and check whether there are lifeguards or other supervisory staff on site. This information will help you to identify potential risks and choose the water according to your needs.

Local tourist information offices can give you information about the local waters and may also recommend other bathing places near you that are more suitable. 

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On seen.de you can search for lakes all over Europe and find valuable tips about the waters.

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2. Sun protection:  

Apply sunscreen with a high UV protection generously in advance and combine this protection with a UV shirt, especially for the children. If possible, bring a sun umbrella or find a shady spot to protect yourself and the children from too much sun exposure. Try to avoid the midday sun, when the sun is at its highest.

How to select a sunscreen

The American Academy of Dermatology has created a guide on “how to select a sunscreen”. Have a look and inform yourself before buying! 

Get the information

3. Water safety: 

Make sure everyone in the family has extra buoyancy with them. This can be crucial in a critical situation. With a Restube around your waist, you always have extra buoyancy discreetly with you. A wonderful side effect is that your mind will be at ease, just by knowing that you and your loved ones have extra buoyancy with only one pull of the trigger.

There are different Restube models which differ in details and are perfectly adapted to the various water activities. You can find an overview here or take the Restube Quiz and find out with just a few clicks which Restube suits you best.

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If your child cannot swim safely, special care and attention is required! Never leave your child unattended in the water, not even for a few seconds!

4. Toys and games:  

Take sand toys, balls, frisbees or other toys to play in the sand or lakeshore. Board games or card games can also be fun.

Pssst... (not) a secret tip: You can also inflate the Restube buoy via the mouth valve. Your kids then can use the swim buoy for snorkelling and as a bat for water polo.

5. First aid: 

Always have a small first aid kit with you to treat minor injuries. Plasters, bandages and possibly medicines for insect bites or sunburn are important.

Ear Pro's natural ear spray can prevent many ear problems as it prevents water from getting trapped in the ear. Very easy to use and also suitable for children! 

Drowning does not look like drowning!

At least not the way many people imagine it: screaming for help and flapping arms are not always part of an emergency situation in the water. Therefore, be especially attentive and call for help immediately if you observe strange behaviour in the water!

6. Picnic: 

Bring tasty and healthy snacks that suit your children's taste and preferences. Make sure you have enough drinks and fresh fruit. Don't forget to bring crockery, napkins and also rubbish bags.

The internet is full of delicious recipes and ideas to make the whole family happy and full. You can find inspiration, for example, on: bbcgoodfood.com

7. Respect the environment: 

Make your children aware of the importance of cleanliness and environmental protection. Make sure they dispose of their rubbish properly and respect nature. A good motto can be: Leave the spot a little cleaner than you found it!

8. Swimwear and change of clothes: 

Make sure your children wear comfortable clothes with UV protection and quick-drying swimwear. Bring extra clothes in case they get wet or want to change. Also remember towels and blankets for drying and resting on it.

9. Fun and discovery:

Encourage your children to explore nature around the water. Collecting stones or shells or watching birds and other animals can be an exciting experience - at any age!

Do you know iNaturalist, a very popular nature app? 

It helps you identify plants and animals in your area. Download it for free on inaturalist.org. Learning can be fun!


10. Relax! 

Take time to relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere by the water. Time together with the family is particularly precious!

We hope these tips are helpful for you! With a little preparation, your trip can be a memorable one that everyone will look back on fondly. We wish you and your family lots of fun on the water!

The Water Experience Academy (WEA) 

is a RESTUBE initiative for more awareness around water.

The goal: everyone should be empowered to experience water and all its aspects. Good swimming ability is a prerequisite for this. Therefore, WEA together with schools and strong partners organises events where children improve their open water competence.

Explore WEA

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