Ear Pro Ear Spray
Ear Pro Ear Spray
Ear Pro Ear Spray
Ear Pro Ear Spray
Ear Pro Ear Spray
Ear Pro Ear Spray
Ear Pro Ear Spray
200 uses
No alcohol

Ear Pro Ear Spray

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Ear Spray for Children and Adults - Easy to Use Ear Spray to Prevent Trapped Water , Ear Discomfort and Protect Your Ears

Ear Pro Ear Spray is a revolutionary product designed to help water lovers stay in the water longer without worrying about ear problems. This ear spray is formulated with natural ingredients that help protect the ears from water and bacteria, while also providing a comfortable and soothing feeling. It is easy to use, simply spray into each ear before swimming, diving or surfing.

  • EFFECTIVE PROTECTION - Ear Pro Ear Spray covers the outer ear canals with a waterproof protective film to avoid ear problems such as ear infections caused by trapped water. The ear spray has paraffin oil which helps prevent contact with any impurities in the water. So unlike dull sounds from earplugs, you can hear naturally and allow you to balance in depth.
  • NO ALCOHOL - Only selected active ingredients: thanks to high-quality oils with natural properties, this ear spray does not irritate sensitive skin in the ear or damage it. It is alcohol-free and has no aggressive substances, so this ear spray is safe for children and adults of all ages.
  • HYGIENIC EARPLUG REPLACEMENT & CONVENIENT TO USE - Unlike earplugs, this swimming ear spray is easy to apply, will not clog your ears and leaves no excess residue or debris. It is the perfect alternative to earplugs as it allows you to easily balance pressure and effectively eliminate unpleasant water inclusions and blockages without restricting your ears and affecting your hearing.
  • EASY to USE - shake well before use. Spray the Ear Pro 1-2 times into each ear before water activities and avoid contact with nose, eyes and mouth. Apply again after 2 hours of exposure to water. A bottle of this ear spray can support at least 100 times of applications for each ear.
  • FOR WATER LOVERS - Ear Pro Ear Spray is created to help people focus more on creating memories and fewer worrying about ear problems that set you apart from your favorite water activities. This ear spray is a comfortable and proactive remedy for water lovers anywhere who enjoy water sports such as swimming, diving and surfing.

Recommended water activities:

All water activities | Diving | Kite surfing | Swimming | Wind surfing

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Country of origin: Italy


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Trapped water means that water gets stuck in the ear canal. Trapped water is a common issue, especially when you spend a lot of time in water. Trapped water typically causes a plugged-up sensation and sounds often appear muffled. Many people suffer from ear pain, tinnitus as well as loss of coordination and balance. If left untreated, there is a risk of developing Swimmer’s Ear, Surfer’s Ear or other types of infections that may result in hearing loss.

Trapped water is not a life-threatening condition but it can lead to outer ear infections, severe pain, a doctor’s visit and having to take antibiotics. If trapped water is not removed from your ear, you are at a greater risk of permanent hearing issues and ear damage. In the worst scenario, you may end up with an infection known as Swimmer’s Ear which can lead to deep tissue infections (cellulitis), bone and cartilage damage or necrotizing otitis externa. You should, therefore, take actions to avoid trapped water.

If you have water in your ears, you can try any of the following at-home remedies:

  • Jiggle your earlobe
  • Make gravity do the work
  • Create a vacuum
  • Use a blow dryer
  • Try alcohol and vinegar ear drops
  • Use hydrogen peroxide ear drops
  • Try more water
  • Take over-the-counter medication

However, if you use Ear Pro, you can prevent trapped water altogether.

Ear Pro is an effective solution against trapped water and related ear issues. Ear Pro coats the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer and a natural anti-infective.

John Hicks gave Ear Pro five stars: “Second time I have taken this with me on a liveaboard. 36 dives over 9 days, and none of the usual discomfort / problems with my ears. Does what it says on the box, great product!”

You can find more helpful reviews here.

Ear Pro is used before going into water and comes with natural anti-infective properties that coat the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer.

Most products on the market are used after being in the water. They are based on alcohol, acetic acid, glycerin and other drying agents – extremely harsh substances for the delicate skin of the ear canal that can destroy natural bacteria and the flora needed for healthy ears.

Once opened, you should use your Ear Pro bottle within 6 months.

EarPro® × Restube
Ear Pro & Restube - the perfect combination

Ear Pro spray and Restube are the perfect combination for anyone who spends a lot of time in the water. Ear Pro spray helps to prevent swimmer's ear by creating a barrier that protects the ear canal from water. Restube is a inflatable swim buoy that can be worn around the waist and provides added buoyancy and safety in case of an emergency. Together, these two products offer more protection for swimmers, surfers, and other water enthusiasts. Whether you're training for a triathlon or just enjoying a day at the beach, Ear Pro spray and Restube will help you stay safe and comfortable in the water.

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