Stand-Up Paddling


Stand-up paddling is big fun!

Are you also out there with your SUP on the lake, in the river or even in waves at the ocean? Then be sure to do your research about the spot and its local regulations concering SUP. With Restube on your belt you have additional safety for yourself and others. You stay completely flexible and it gives you buoyancy in seconds whenever you need it. Also with the inflated Restube you can swim very fast and it does not disturb you by getting back on your board.

You can also

use the Restube belt to attach your SUP leash directly to it. Enjoy more freedom on the water with Restube to have more paddling fun!

Our Recommendation for
Stand-Up Paddling
Restube active in der Farbe Ice Mint
Aufgeblasene Restube active Boje mit Icons Positionierungsbalken, Pfeife und Befestigung an Badehose
Restube active verpackt in schwarzer Tasche mit Pfeife
Viedeo vom auslösen einer Restube active Schwimmboje mit ice mint farbener Tasche und Pfeife
Restube active in schwarz und ice mint am Gürtel getragen
Von Frau am gürtel getragene Restube active Boje in der Farbe ice mint
Ein Pärchen Stand up Paddler mit Ihren Boards und Restube auf dem Weg ins Wasser
Triathletin zieht aufgeblasene gut sichtbare Restube Schwimmboje zu Ihrer Sicherheit  hinter sich her
Pärchen mit Restube in schwarz und ice mint auf Segelyacht auf türkis blauen Meer vor  Felsinsel
Angler in Watt Hose auf Felsen stehend mit Restube active in der Farbe ice mint beim angeln in dunklem Wasser
Mann zeigt integriertes Schlüsselfach in der Restube Tasche
Restube Schwimmboje zusammengefaltet in geöffneter ice mint farbener Tasche

Restube active

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For all-round & athletic use

Whether around water, while swimming or stand-up paddling, for training or in competition. Just wear it stoved in the compact pocket to have your focus even more in the moment.

Recommended Water Activities:

Athletic swimming | Open water swimming | Triathlon | Stand-Up Paddling | On board | Canoe & kayak | Rowing | Fishing

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Restube pfd verpackt in ice mint blauer Tasche
Aufgeblasene Restube pfd mit Icons Smallest and lightest CE certified swimming aid, square the neck belt, SUP safety leash connector
Schwimmer führt das tragen einer Restube pfd vor
Johanna in Neoprenanzug zeigt die Restube pfd in aufgeblasenen, um den Nacken getragenen Zustand
Restube pfd von Schwimmerin in gelben Badeanzug um dir Hüfte getragen
Aufgeblasene nach CE zertifizierte Restube pfd
Stand up Paddlerin vor Felsen auf dem Wasser mit am Gürtel getragener Restube pfd
Schwimmerin am Strand gurtet sich Restube pfd um die Hüfte
CE certified

pfd by RESTUBE

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CE certified buoyancy aid by RESTUBE

The CE certified swimming aid from RESTUBE. Pdf by RESTUBE is a certified 50N class buoyancy aid (DIN EN ISO 12402-5). It provides 75N actual buoyancy after manual triggering if worn directly at the body.

Recommended Water Activities:

Stand-Up Paddling (CE certified buoyancy and compulsory) | On board (CE certified buoyancy aid of 50N class mandatory) | All activities were a CE certificate is compulsory | Rowing

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"I think it’s impressive that such a small bag brings so much added value! And because it’s so compact, I always have Restube with me."

Kimo Kersting
Professional Stand-Up Paddler

"Restube is our guardian angel on the water! High quality safety equipment in sports is a must and with Restube we can always have it with us!"

Carmina & Octav
Stand-Up Paddler

"With Restube as a back-up, I can concentrate fully on the moment at my Open Ocean Races. So I feel free and ready to give my all."

Sonni Hoenscheid
SUP world champion

Frequently asked questions

When you need a boost for yourself or others, pull the trigger. The sealed CO2 cartridge is pierced and fills the buoy in seconds. If you lean over the Restube buoy, it will lift your head out of the water. You can also wave the buoy to attract attention.

Yes, by replacing the CO2 cartridge, Restube is immediately ready for use again.

If you lean over the buoy, Restube lifts your airways – in other words, your head up to your mouth opening – out of the water. The part from the head to the mouth is about the same weight for most people. That means it is independent of the height or weight of the user. For more comfort through more buoyancy, Restube active or extreme is recommended.

The idea of Restube came to founder Christopher Fuhrhop after a difficult situation in the water. From the University of Karlsruhe (KIT) he developed the idea up to the prototype and piece by piece his own production was set up in cooperation with experienced production partners in Karlsruhe. Function and the highest quality are priority factors without losing sight of sustainability.

More freedom & safety in water

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