Welcome to the Water Experience Academy

“We all want to have a good and safe time on the water! Even before the Corona pandemic, it was clear that our society had major deficits in terms of swimming ability; moreover, active time spent in the open water was becoming less relevant, especially among young people. The last two years have further exacerbated the situation. With our initiative, we want to help create more awareness for time spent on the water. The first project – Freedom and Safety in the Water Day (Aktionstag für Freiheit und Sicherheit im Wasser) – will take place at the end of June.

 We welcome anyone who also cares about the issue of freedom and safety in the water to join us in this pilot project, which is very close to our hearts.”

Christopher Fuhrhop
Founder RESTUBE GmbH

New concept for more freedom and safety in the water from the Water Experience Academy

Learn to swim in open water, prevent drowning

The easiest way to learn is to have fun - and this also applies to swimming: less of the technical discourse and more learning and experiencing. To be able to move about safely in open water, to recognize risks and dangers, and to know how to behave in an emergency situation are the goals of the “Water Experience Academy”. 

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Nathalie Pohl

Extreme swimmer & patron of the Water Experience Academy

“Water is a very special element for me. To me, swimming in open water means one thing above all: an incredibly strong feeling of freedom - stroke after stroke. With the Water Experience Academy, we want to make open water a fun experience for everyone.” 

Klaus Albrecht

Principal Heinz-Barth-Schule Wettersbach & Head of the BSS Primary School Team at ZSL 

"With the Water Experience Academy, a responsible concept is now available that bridges the gap between swimming lessons and opportunities for safe recreational activities on the water through an interesting event in a school context.”

Fabienne Meier

Educational Expert / M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Science

“Enabling and promoting safe swimming in open water - that’s what I’m committed to. Spending time in and around water provides optimal opportunities to develop life skills. To me, moving about in water represents courage and sheer vitality!” 

Swantje Scharenberg

Manager and CEO of FoSS

“Children essentially discover their environment through movement. Dealing with water is part of growing up healthy from birth. Nevertheless, it is important to acquire risk competence related to the movement and habitat of water at an early stage through positive experience.”

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Booklet for water adventurers
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Download the Water Experience Academy booklet. With valuable ideas for children, parents and teachers.