Over 1,000 children improve their swimming and open water skills

by Johanna | Restube

published on July 13th, 2023

Days of Action organized by the Water Experience Academy in Germany

Having fun while working against a growing problem: more and more people, especially children, cannot swim properly. With the unique concept of the Water Experience Academy (WEA), more than 1,000 pupils get the chance to improve their swimming skills. During the Days of Action for more freedom and safety in the water, children have a positive and safe experience in open water and learn valuable knowledge with regards to recognizing risks and dangers and the right behavior in emergency situations.

"Safety in the water begins with the ability to swim and the awareness of how to behave there. Fun and positive experiences lead to incredible motivation and inspire to discover the world of water!"

Christopher Fuhrhop, inventor of Restube and founder of the Water Experience Academy

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In cooperation with schools, a total of 7 Days of Action will take place at local lakes this summer. The participating children between the ages of 8 and 12 will visit various stations on the topics of swimming, safety and nature in small groups. There they learn directly from experts in theory and practice how to improve their swimming skills and get to know the open water with all its facets. Afterwards, everyone receives the "Booklet for Water Adventurers" with many relevant tips for the open water experience, which they can take home and repeat with their parents and also in school.

Safety is the top priority at the events. In order to create perfect conditions for learning to swim in open water, a pool specially developed by RESTUBE is used as a clear boundary of the open water during the Days of Action. This makes it possible for the pupils not to build up any fears in the first place and to make the stay in the water easy and safe - for the children and the swimming instructors. The inflated yellow Restube buoy carried by each child makes the entire lake feel like shallow enough to stand in, and everyone has tangible buoyancy with them at all times.

"The possibilities for swimming lessons close to schools are becoming more and more limited in many regions, partly because of the closures of indoor swimming pool," says Christopher Fuhrhop. "So we came up with the idea of using our experience to develop a system to provide swimming lessons in open water with the highest level of safety."

The Water Experience Academy and the concept for more water literacy are an initiative of RESTUBE in cooperation with many partners for whom the topic is also very important, especially for children and young people. Nathalie Pohl, one of the best open water swimmers in the world, is involved as patron of the WEA.

The stations (Regional variations possible):

Experts from educational institutions, research and industry as well as lifeguards from the local DLRG and Wasserwacht office lead the different stations and fill them with qualified content.

  • Nature conservation education: Exploring flora and fauna in local waters
  • Getting to know the open water: playful contact with water - from the little toe to the head
  • Simple swimming: Individual exercises according to ability to improve swimming skills 
  • Water Olympics: Fun and games in the water
  • Stand-Up Paddling: get to know and try out the feeling of "gliding on the water".
  • Sailing: Discover boats and learn simple knots
  • Just relax: healthy snacks and painting station
  • Water rescue: How do I recognize if someone needs help? How can I help? Stories from the exciting life of lifeguards


RESTUBE's ultimate goal is to make all activities in and around the water safer. With the Restube buoy, Christopher Fuhrhop has created a safety system that is so small that you can simply have it with you at all times and that provides buoyancy in a critical situation. Restube is used by over 400,000 people worldwide and has already saved more than 45 lives. Since 2022, Christopher Fuhrhop has been taking another step to bring more freedom and safety to the water with the Water Experience Academy. The project is currently running as part of a nationwide pilot. The goal is to provide a broad, ongoing offer that gives people of all ages safe access to water and strengthens their water competence. Specifically, the aim is to improve swimming skills and to make it possible to experience open water in all its facets. The aim of learning to swim is to be able to move safely and consciously in open water. This opens up the wonderful world of water. Drowning, one of the most frequent causes of fatal accidents, is decisively counteracted.


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