Zwei Restube CO2 Ersatzpatronen 16 Gramm
Zwei CO2 Kartuschen von Restube aufeinander gelegt, 16 Gramm
Zwei Restube CO2 Ersatzpatronen 16 Gramm von hinten mit Beschreibung
Restube CO2 Kartuschen im sechser Pack 16 Gramm
Restube CO2 Ersatz-Kartuschen im zehner Pack 16 Gramm

Restube CO2 Ersatzpatronen (16g)

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Original Restube Ersatzpatronen 16g CO2 mit Gewinde, fürRestube active, extreme, lifeguard & pfd by RESTUBE

  • Original Ersatzpatronen für Restube active, extreme, lifeguard & pfd by RESTUBE
  • 16g CO2 mit Gewinde
  • Entspricht DIN EN ISO 12402-7
  • Salzwasserfest
  • 100% Füllstand geprüft
  • Normierte Einstichkappe
  • Für Flugtransport IATA- bzw. TSA-Bestimmungen beachten: 

Compatible with:

Pfd by restube | Restube active | Restube automatic | Restube extreme | Restube lifeguard

Weight: 125 g
Country of origin:
Scope of delivery:
2x CO2 cartridges (16g) / 6x CO2 cartridges (16g) / 10x CO2 cartridges (16g)

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The green clip was used on the older Restube versions to make it visible that a new CO2 cartridge had been screwed in. When the Restube was triggered, the clip fell off and into the water, revealing a red spot. The clip only had an indicative character and did not have a technical function. The absence therefore does not affect the function of your Restube. If you have an older Restube model and do not want to do without the clip, we can send you one. For this we need your address.
The new Restube models beach, active & extreme (lifeguard from 2022) have a new, modern display system, which works completely without a clip that drops into the water. We are working hard on Restube lifeguard, automatic and pfd by Restube to be able to offer these products without a clip. The perfect function is important to us, the development with all the necessary long-term tests can still take over a year here.

No. Only our RESTUBE cartridges are tested to fill exactly 10.9g or 16g, are compatible with the trigger and have a special alloy for salt water resistance. If other cartridges are used, a flawless function of Restube is not certain.

One triggering is possible with one CO2 cartridge. Afterwards, the empty CO2 cartridge must be removed and a new original RESTUBE CO2 cartridge inserted.

How to change your CO2 cartridge


Based on 20 reviews
René Müller
Perfect delivering

Looks great, have the both ordered as a reserve and can therefore say neither negative nor positive about it right now. I just hope that they are good when I need them then.

Frank Stotzem

I love the product itself. But I don't understand that 2 replacement cartridges of CO2 are being shipped in a carton, that would suit 20 Restubes itself and is filled with bubble foil - why?!
And at the same time running a campaign to remove plastic from the ocean.... A normal patted enveloped would be more than sufficient to ship small products like this.

Hello Frank, thanks for your feedback!
We are already in discussion with our logistics company to use a fitting carton size instead of heavily oversized cartons for a small product. A cartridge should be definitely shipped in a small envelope.

For your information, the bubble foil is 100% recycled plastic.
Best regards,



Stefanie Hornberger
Easy handling

It was very easy to replace the CO2 cartridge. The tune was immediately was a perfect help.

Easy to replace

Easy to replace. Works perfect.

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