Vollmondschwimmen Tegernsee

Tegernsee | July 20, 2024

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Restube is proud safety partner of this event.

Contest type: Open Water Swimming

When: Sat, Jul 20, 2024

Where: Nördliche Hauptstraße 35, 83700 Rottach-Egern

Expected Participants: 300

Distance: 2.5km

RESTUBE is Safety Partner at the Full Moon Swim at Lake Tegernsee!
For the first time, this enchanting swimming event, known from Lake Chiemsee, is now also taking place at Lake Tegernsee.

The start is at the Warmbad Rottach-Egern, a distance of 2.5 km is mastered, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the dawning evening and the glow of the luminous RESTUBE buoys.
Our RESTUBE team will be on site with its own stand so you can get to know our equipment up close.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to combine safety and fun while swimming under the stars!

Build your perfect setup and train for Vollmondschwimmen Tegernsee.

We recommend Restube active for your training.

Restube active
Restube active
Restube active
Restube active
Restube active
Restube active
Restube active
Restube active in der Farbe Ice Mint
Restube active verpackt in schwarzer Tasche mit Pfeife
Restube active
Restube active
Restube active
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For all-round & athletic use

Whether around water, while swimming or stand-up paddling, for training or in competition. Just wear it stoved in the compact pocket to have your focus even more in the moment. Pull the trigger and the yellow Restube buoy inflates within seconds. Restube active provides enough buoyancy (75N) for adults, just lean over it to lift your head out of the water. Wave with the buoy to catch attention or drag it behind you. You also can share the buoyancy with others, which makes it the ideal companion in open water. It is reusable by screwing in a new original 16g CO2 cartridge and very easy to repack.

  • Inflatable also with mouth valve
  • Compatible with RESTUBE READY products
  • Horizontally and vertically attachable
  • Small compartment in the flap (not waterproof)
  • Does not slip while swimming
  • Reusable
  • Robust and PVC-free

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Event Location

Nördliche Hauptstraße 35, 83700 Rottach-Egern

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