Drei Gürtel aus recycelten Restube auf weißen Holzboden.Schlüsselanhänger aus recycelten Restube.
Restube upcycling enters a new phase


Recycled Restubes get a new life.

Robust and durable – two of the attributes Restube is known for, and two characteristics that make it ideal for reusing the material after the recommended product life. We use the high-quality materials used to manufacture the buoys and belts to create new, innovative products.

Now we are launching a new phase of upcycling with our friends at Schwerelosigkite, and are pleased to present four products, all manufactured from recycled Restubes.


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Each product is unique and only available in a limited edition

Sustainability and ethical responsibility are two key focuses of Schwerelosigkite. Because of this, they handle production in a small, family owned and operated bag workshop on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. The company's approx. 17 employees hand-make every upcycled RESTUBE x Schwerelosigkite product. 

“Our friendship with RESTUBE is as old as the company itself. Right from the start, we were impressed by Restube, and forming a collaboration like this was really only a matter of time. We are very pleased to be launching a joint collection based on sustainability and reusing materials.”

Profilbild Peter Arnold von Schwerelosigkite
Peter Arnold
Founding member of Schwerelosigkite

Support and benefit from our upcycling program!

We want you to have fun with your Restube for a long time. Safety is our top priority. Therefore, we process materials of the highest standard. Nevertheless, UV light and water affect the material over the years, so we recommend a service life of 5 years – if care is taken and maintenance instructions are followed.

“Over 400,000 people worldwide are already enjoying more freedom and safety in and on the water with Restube. Our upcycling program allows us to use the high-quality materials in every new Restube for new products. This is an important step for us, and for a more sustainable future.”

Rettungsbojen und Restube Christopher Fuhrhop
Christopher Fuhrhop
Founder & CEO of RESTUBE

If your Restube is already 5 years old or needs to be replaced due to intensive use, please do not throw it in the trash. We are happy when we can create something new from it! So feel free to send us your worn-out Restube and tell us about your experiences with it. This not only motivates us enormously, but also provides our development department with very valuable information before it goes to upcycling. We will thank you with a 30% discount on the purchase of a new Restube product in the RESTUBE online store. Please write us briefly in advance at: hello@restube.com. Thanks a lot!

Our partner Schwerelosigkite

Schwerelosigkite was founded by two friends in 2005, as an expression of their deep affinity with nature and sports. Upcycled kite materials are the trademark of the company. The idea to upcycle old kites to create sustainable clothing and accessories for friends and family was unique at the time it was created.