Surprised by jellyfish

A story by Pia | Switzerland | 23.10.2022

"I love the vastness of the sea and like to get away from the shore to unwind while swimming. Since I can strap on Restube, I also feel safer. I recently found out how helpful this belt with inflatable buoy can be.

With powerful crawl strokes I was out in the waters around Lampedusa, Sicily, enjoying the colourful fish below me and the blue sky above me. I met a fisherman with whom I chatted a little about his catch. Full of pride, he showed me an octopus that his family would grill in the evening. I felt a little sorry for this intelligent animal, but still expressed compliments that made the fisherman very proud.

Out of nowhere, I suddenly saw a dreaded jellyfish on my right and automatically made a movement to the left. Unfortunately, directly into more jellyfish. The tentacles hit my neck and my chest, it felt like they were cutting off my air. I am allergic and knew immediately that I was in a dicey situation. My hand grabbed the yellow trigger on my Restube, which blew up immediately with a hissing sound. The sound and the bright yellow caught the attention of the fisherman I had just been chatting with. He started his engine and in no time he was at my side asking me if I needed help. Such a luck, because I got ashore quickly and was able to take my antihistamine and cortisone.

Thank you Restube! I will continue to enjoy my open water trips and feel safer doing so thanks to Restube."

Pia is using Restube active.

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For all-round & athletic use

Whether around water, while swimming or stand-up paddling, for training or in competition. Just wear it stoved in the compact pocket to have your focus even more in the moment. Pull the trigger and the yellow Restube buoy inflates within seconds. Restube active provides enough buoyancy (75N) for adults, just lean over it to lift your head out of the water. Wave with the buoy to catch attention or drag it behind you. You also can share the buoyancy with others, which makes it the ideal companion in open water. It is reusable by screwing in a new original 16g CO2 cartridge and very easy to repack.

  • Inflatable also with mouth valve
  • Convenient to wear doing active sports
  • Horizontally and vertically attachable
  • "Active Belt" (120 x 2.5 cm) including "Positioning bar"
  • Trigger handle also serves as a whistle
  • Small compartment in the flap (not waterproof)


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