Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package
Restube extreme starter package

Restube extreme starter package

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Quantity CO₂ cartridges
1kg plastic removed from coastal regions per order
30 days money-back
Up to 3 years warranty

Restube extreme plus accessories

This package gives you everything you need to get started with Restube. It contains three products:

  • Restube extreme
  • 2x,6x or 10x Restube replacement cartridges
  • Restube reflector

Restube READY: Yes
75N (~7.5kg)
Length: 65 cm
13 cm
Weight: 322 g
Inflations: Up to 200 releases
EAN: 4260329281207 (azure blue), 4260329281191 (black lime)
Country of origin:
Germany / United States / Austria
Scope of delivery: 1x Restube extreme + 1x Restube reflector + 2x CO2 cartridges / 1x Restube extreme + 1x Restube reflector + 6x CO2 cartridges / 1x Restube extreme + 1x Restube reflector + 10x CO2 cartridges

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Find the Restube extreme starter package manual here.


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How Restube works

Key Feature
Strong equipment attachment (harness, belt, ...)

A very flexible and strong connection to your gear is possible due to the crossed belts at the backside of the bag. You can adjust it up to 7cm wide belt systems. At kite or windsurfing Restube is mostly mounted right at the belts of the harness hook. Professionals adapt Restube sometimes directly at their harness.

Key Feature
Splint closing system for rough conditions

While most Restubes are closed with Velcro, the split pin closure can withstand the toughest external influences, such as big waves or the extreme forces of parachuting. The pull on the trigger first pulls the split pin out of the guide and then releases the buoy directly.

Key feature
Extra robust buoy & bag material

The extra strong buoy material is made of nylon with a TPU coating. It is extremely robust and complies with the standard for life jackets (DIN EN ISO 12402-7). The bag fabric is made of high-quality nylon and permanently protects the internal buoy from UV light and mechanical influences.

Restube function

- Small and robust, always on hand
- Enough buoyancy for an adult
- Also inflatable by mouth
- Reusable up to 200 times

Emanuel Norman hebt beim Kitesurfen aufgeblasene gelbe Restube Schwimmboje in die Luft


"As a professional kite athlete, I want to stay focused when I'm far out. I can count on Restube, it´s my “peace of mind” in tough conditions."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
super compact safety tube for kitesurfers

I use this product for a few weeks for kitesurfing. Once assembled on the harness it´s always with me and will provide extra floatation when it comes to any critical situation. I am especially convinced by the design and quality of the product. It is especially helpful to be able to help someone else with the buoy in case of emergency.

Christoph S
Works fine ...

everything is find, only downside is the color scheme of the pouches and they are a bit to smal for the system. would love to have a all black verision, or a black-red

Oskar Oelschläger

Noch nicht zum Einsatz gekommen aber sicheres Schwimmvergnügen jetzt... Beim nächsten Strandurlaub mit 3 Kindern unverzichtbar!

Charles B.
Well Constructed - Overly Complex Deployment Mechanism

This device may give some comfort but is not intended to be used in an active life or death situation. If you have the presence of mind to check this device's inflation mechanism each and every time you are in a potential life saving situation it may be of use. However it is not something that a drowning person is going to be able to utilize. You would have to deploy this prior to being in a panic driven struggle to survive. Also, CO2 cartridges are susceptible to failure that is not always self-evident until needed. This should be deployed just prior to entering the water. You wouldn't want to just rely on your reaction speed, physical coordination and ability to stay calm during a near drowning event to deploy this. It is better than nothing.

Hello Charles,

Thanks for your review! Restube provides additional safety through additional buoyancy when needed. It is very compact, light and small. Restube is not a substitute for a life jacket/pfd where it is mandatory or recommended to wear one.
It makes sense to familiarise yourself with the mechanism beforehand. We also recommend a test release to know exactly what to do in a potentially hectic situation.
Of course, you can also inflate Restube on land and use it in the water as a floating buoy that you pull behind you. To do this, use the mouth valve that every Restube buoy comes with.
The many stories of rescued people show us that Restube works in a critical situation. Every day we receive messages describing how the extra buoyancy provided by Restube has helped to ease a situation.
The best thing really is to try out Restube yourself in shallow water and get to know Restube!
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

Best regards,

Steffen Kutza

Top Produkt um im Wassersport gut gerüstet zu sein.

Ich kann den RESTUBE Extreme nur empfehlen.

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