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swimming cap by RESTUBE
swimming cap by RESTUBE
swimming cap by RESTUBE

swimming cap by RESTUBE

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The swimming cap by RESTUBE for men and women. Made of 100% silicone and very comfortable to wear as it fits your head shape perfectly. Completely seamless and with a reinforced brim to prevent slipping.
  • PVC free, 100% silicone
  • Perfect fit

Recommended water activities:

Active swim | Athletic swimming | Ice swimming | Open water | Open water swimming | Swim run | Swimming

Product weight: 60 g
Material: 100% silicone
Country of origin: China
Scope of delivery: Silicone cap


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PVC free, 100% silicone

Made from 100% silicone, smooth and soft texture for comfortable wear.

Perfect fit

The swim cap adapts to the individual head shape. The reinforced rim prevents it from slipping. Easy handling due to perfect stretch properties.

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Learn about your swimming cap

What are the benefits of a swim cap?

A swim cap has several functions when swimming. Firstly, it protects your hair from chlorine and other chemicals in pool water. Chlorine can dry out your hair and make it brittle, so a swimming cap is particularly useful for people with colored hair. On the other hand, a swimming cap also ensures that the water is not contaminated with hair, which in turn contributes to better water hygiene. 

A swimming cap also helps - and this is particularly important for open water swimmers - to minimize heat loss through the head. The swimming cap is therefore also heat protection.

The smooth surface of the swimming cap also reduces water resistance, which is particularly beneficial for competitive swimmers. By reducing the resistance, the swimmer can glide through the water faster.

What hairstyle to wear under a swim cap?

The type of hairstyle that is best worn under a swimming cap depends on the length of your hair and, of course, your personal preferences. We have a few tips for different hair lengths.

For short hair, it is often sufficient to simply press the hair flat against the head before putting on the swimming cap. Some use hair gel to ensure that the short hair lies smooth and flat against the head. Medium length hair can be tied in a low ponytail before the swimming cap is put on. A bun or braided hairstyles can also help to ensure that the hair lies flat against the head. With long hair, it is often most effective to tie the hair into a tight plait and then wrap it around the head in a loop before putting on the swimming cap. It is important that the hairstyle lies flat on the head so that the swimming cap fits snugly and to minimize water resistance.

Does it make sense to wear a swimming cap?

There are situations in which wearing a swimming cap makes perfect sense. For example, to protect the hair from chlorine, salt water and other chemicals in swimming pool or sea water. This is particularly important for people with colored hair, as chemicals can dry out and damage the hair. Some swim caps also cover the ears, providing protection from water and possible infection.

Wearing a swimming cap also reduces water resistance, which is important for competitive swimmers. Reducing water resistance and thus improving glide in the water can lead to better performance.

Swimming caps also improve hygiene in the pool as they prevent hair from getting into the water.

Why is a swimming cap compulsory?

In some swimming pools, especially in public facilities, swimming caps are compulsory, primarily for hygiene reasons. This is because hair can cause impurities in the water, which in turn leads to more chemicals being used in the water. Hair can also clog filters and pumps in swimming pools. Wearing swimming caps reduces such problems and can therefore help to minimize maintenance costs.

Another reason for mandatory swimming caps arises in connection with swimming events and competitions. The swimming cap minimizes water resistance. If every participant wears a swimming cap, the competition conditions are standardized and fair, as everyone has the same resistance.