Pärchen mit Sonnenbrillen und Restube am Meeresstrand



Do your parents, children, relatives or friends like to spend their time on the water? Then Restube is the perfect gift to make your loved ones happy! Restube is the product for more freedom and safety in and around the water.

How does Restube work?

Restube is an inflatable backup safety device for the water. It is extremely small, packed in a bag, weighs only about 200 grams and can be attached either to a belt or directly to your equipment. If an unpleasant situation should arise, with only a pull on the trigger the yellow Restube buoy inflates within seconds. With the additional buoyance you have time to find orientation in the water, to rest, to draw attention with the signal colour or to help others. Back on land, the buoy can be equipped with a new CO2 cartridge and packed back in the bag to be used again.



1. The safety of your loved one is important to you
With Restube you have security. When it comes to water, very few people think of the dangers and risks that it poses, but there are many unsightly situations in the water that can be surprising and quickly become life-threatening. A cramp when swimming, a strong current or the friend who has not enough power to swim to the shore, are just to name a few examples.


2. Restube is suitable for everyone
Restube is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys spending time on or in the water! Swimmers, SUP paddlers, kite and wind surfers, boaters and snorkelers enjoy more safety and freedom in their activities through the small buoy. There are 3 different versions of Restube which differ in small details and are thus optimally adapted to the activity. An overview of the various RESTUBE products can be found here: Restube comparison

3. With Restube the recipient enjoys water activities for a long time
RESTUBE products are designed for a long service life and can be triggered 40 to 100 times, depending on the model. You can find in the “how to pack” videos step by step instructions on how to repack Restube after using it.

4. Trying new activities safely
Do you know someone who loves the water but still avoids any activity in the water? The reasons for fear of water can be quite different, as well as the symptoms. Often the knowledge of a safety tool helps because it relaxes and takes away the fear. A Restube around the hip, which can be triggered in the case of emergency, allows a reasuring feeling in the water. Other helpful tips on how to overcome the fear of water can be found in this article.

5. Safety for little money
Usually we don’t talk about money, but let’s make an exception here. Restube is also the perfect gift because it’s affordable for many. Depending on the version a Restube costs between 49.95 Euro (Restube beach) and 99.95 Euro (Restube extreme). Spare cartridges in a pack of 2 are available for 9.99 Euro. Safety in the water does not have to be expensive!

Have a good time in the water!
Your RESTUBE team

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Wasserwacht Rettungsschwimmer in Strömungsretter Ausrüstung bei einer Rettungsübung am Strand eines Sees.


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Lifeguard at DLRG in Hamburg and a passionate open water swimmer specialized in the 25 km distance

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