swim buoy by RESTUBE
swim buoy by RESTUBE
swim buoy by RESTUBE
Buoyancy when you need it with swim buoy
swim buoy by RESTUBE
Visibility in open water with swim buoy
Space for personal items with swim buoy
Swim buoy
PVC free
Dry bag

swim buoy by RESTUBE

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For visibility and added buoyancy while swimming and to serve as a dry bag for water sports enthusiasts

For taking a lap around the lake, training for your next triathlon, or open water swimming in the ocean. The inflatable swimming buoy offers increased safety, with visibility and buoyancy close at hand when you need it.

Simply fasten the belt around your hips, blow up the air chamber using the mouth valve, and pull the buoy behind you as you swim. The buoy creates almost no resistance in the water. You can also store useful items like an energy bar or your keys in a compartment which is separated from the air chamber, to ensure you always have them with you.

Buoyancy: 125 N
Storage volume:
Dimensions: 76cm x 35cm
Cable length: max. 67cm, min. 36cm
Weight: 210 g
Country of origin:
Scope of delivery:
1x swim buoy by RESTUBE
Restube READY: 

swim buoy and Restube safety buoy comparison

Find all differences between the swim buoy and Restube in our blog articles here.


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Recommended water activities:

Athletic swimming | Canoe & kajak | Ice swimming | Open water swimming | Triathlon

swim buoy

More freedom & safety in water

Key Feature
Visibility in open water

The swimming buoy provides you with better visibility in the water thanks to the yellow signal color. This makes it easy for other people, boats, and lifeguards to see you – an important safety aspect for any open water swimmer!

Key Feature
12.5kg of buoyancy when you need it

If you want to take a break while swimming – to rest, for instance, or if you get a cramp – you can also lay over the buoy to easily keep your head above the water. The buoy has a buoyancy of 125 N and is suitable for any body size.

Key Feature
Space for your personal items

You can store important things like a smartphone, keys, sunglasses, and even clothing and running shoes in the swimming buoy. A total of 12.5 l of volume is available in an area separated from the air chamber.


The READY interface can be used to add a cell phone pocket or an action cam to the inflatable buoy so you can operate your smartphone even while swimming. This means you can track your distance as you swim, for instance, share your location, or access important messages without having to interrupt your training. With the cam connector you can film yourself while swimming.

Key Feature
Upgrade your swim buoy

Explore the swim buoy by RESTUBE add on world!

Key Feature
PVC free

In contrast to most other swimming buoys, the swimming buoy by RESTUBE is manufactured to be PVC free. Only high-quality nylon TPU material is used in the construction.

How the swim buoy by RESTUBE works


 Pack your personal items

Pack everything that should stay dry in the waterproof compartment, for example energy bars and other provisions, clothes and shoes, keys and sunglasses.


Fold the end 3x

Wrap the lower end of the buoy 3 times on the marking lines.


Close the buoy

Now close the floating buoy with the clip closure.


Inflate the buoy with your mouth

Inflate the buoy with your mouth and close the mouth valve with the cap.


Buckle the belt

Buckle the belt around your waist and place the buoy so that the pull line of the buoy is centered on your back. 


Enjoy more freedom & safety

Now enjoy your time in the water with more safety and freedom, knowing you have everything you need with you.

💡 Extra tip:

store your cell phone securely in the swimmingbuoy to share your location via GPS or track your activity


Unlike most other buoy manufacturers, we do not use PVC, a material that is problematic for nature and people, and use only high-quality NYLON / TPU in our products.

For the sake of the environment, we also do without elaborate product packaging. All important information is on a hangtag attached to the buoy.

The Restube floating buoy also has a predetermined breaking point that separates the buoy from the harness when the load exceeds 15 kg, which can be important in dangerous situations such as currents.

With the RESTUBE READY interface, the buoy can be supplemented with additional products. For example, a whistle or smartphone case (coming soon) can be attached to the READY patch.

Find out if a swim buoy or a restube is the better choice for your water activity in our blog post. Go to the blog post here. You can find our Restube buoys here.

No. If you need an approved life jacket, e.g. for stand-up paddling in Switzerland, you can use the pfd by RESTUBE.

The RESTUBE READY interface can be used to attach accessories such as a signal arrow or a waterproof smartphone case (coming soon).

Yes, the swim buoy by RESTUBE is designed to keep your personal items such as keys or smartphone dry. If you use the swim buoy on stretches where it could be damaged, for example by stones or rocks in the water, we recommend that you additionally pack all water-sensitive items in a waterproof bag.

We are proud of

Icon Deutscher Gründer Preis
Icon ISPO Award
Icon Outdoor Award
Icon James Dyson Award
Icon Cyber Forum Award
Land der Ideen Award

Developed in coorporation with the BFU

„The swimming buoy by RESTUBE provides buoyancy in critical situations. It causes barely any interference while swimming, makes you more visible, and is suited for many bodies of water. The buoy can be tested free of charge in Switzerland at many river and seaside resorts.“

Christoph Müller von der BFU
Christoph Müller

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Martin R. Gander
Produkt super - Zoll- bzw. Transportgebühren für CH-Kunden zu hoch!

Ich verwende seit Jahren einen beach lifebelt (mit CO2-Patrone) als zusätzliche Sicherheit beim SUP-en. Zuverlässiges Produkt. Auch die Schwimmboye ist durchdacht und überzeugt durch das verwendete Material und die saubere Verarbeitung ( im Gegensatz zu billigen „no name“ Produkten!). Wermuts-Tropfen: 2 swim buoys kosten ca.80 Euro.Von UPS wurden dann noch zusätzlich CHF 30 „Import -Nebenkosten“ dazu verrechnet. Unschön!

A. Sturm

Ich schwimme gerne längere Strecken und fahre mit dem Kajak gerne auch ab und zu einfache Strecken, bei denen eine Schwimmweste eher lästig und nicht unbedingt nötig ist. Hier ist die Schwimmboje wirklich praktisch. Auf dem See wird man von Booten gesehen, sie gibt Sicherheit und die Mitnahme von wichtigen Dingen ist auch möglich. Gute Qualität und einfache Handhabung

Sehr gut

Sehr praktisch und super Qualität, bin absolut zufrieden

Frau Martina Hochdorfer
Sehr zufrieden

Ich bin bis jetzt voll begeistert von der Schwimmboje, hab sie zwar beim schwimmen nich nicht dabei gehabt, aber als ich mit dem Stand up Paddel unterwegs war. Für mehrere Zwecke Einsatz bereit.


Fulfills our needs and expectations entirely. Easy to use too.

all the information you need

Learn about your Restube

Where can you find swimming buoys?

You can find a swimming buoy wherever water sports accessories and water sports safety equipment are sold. At RESTUBE, we specialize in water safety products. Our inflatable swimming buoy with integrated waterproof dry bag is perfect for open water swimming, such as triathlons. It is worn with a strap around your waist and provides visibility and extra buoyancy when you need it. The swimming buoy has almost no resistance in the water. Test it yourself on your next open water adventure!

How big is a swimming buoy?

The size and length of a swimming buoy can vary. The swimming buoy by RESTUBE is 76 cm long and has a volume of 12.5 liters. The buoyancy is specified in Newton and amounts to 125N – which corresponds to about 12.5 kg. This is sufficient for an adult leaning over the buoy. This keeps the head and airways above water. A swimming buoy with a length of 76 cm in the signal color yellow is also ideal for ensuring visibility while swimming in open water – for your safety!

What colors do swimming buoys come in?

Swimming buoys can be different colors, but usually they are yellow or orange to provide a contrast with the water for visibility. The swimming buoy by RESTUBE comes in a vibrant yellow to ensure just that. If water sports are also practiced at night, reflector strips can be added. The swimming buoy by RESTUBE is perfect for the safety of open water swimmers or triathletes. It also features a separate waterproof compartment, called a dry bag, where things like running shoes, keys or energy bars can be stowed.

What materials are used for swimming buoys?

Many swimming buoys are made of PVC. This is not the case with the inflatable swimming buoy by RESTUBE with integrated waterproof dry bag. It is 100% PVC free. Only high quality and durable nylon TPU material is used.

How are swimming buoys installed?

Many swimming buoys are attached to a strap that is worn around the waist. There are also models that you can wear on your arm or even with your backpack system. However, these variants have more disadvantages than advantages according to our tests. The swimming buoy by RESTUBE for your safety when swimming in open water comes with an adjustable waist strap and the rope length of the buoy can be adjusted individually.

Why are swimming buoys important?

Swimming buoys are very important to have for water sports in open water. Swimming buoys ensure visibility when swimming and participating in triathlons. This makes it easier for other water sports enthusiasts, passing boats, or lifeguards and emergency services to recognize you. Also, swimming buoys provide buoyancy whenever you need it. For example, if you want to take a break in the water, regain your strength, or need to get your bearings. Additional buoyancy increases your safety considerably and can often quickly defuse a critical situation. You can also separate the swimming buoy from you and pass the buoyancy to another person. The swimming buoy by RESTUBE also offers you a separate waterproof compartment, a dry bag where you can store useful things like running shoes, keys, and energy bars.

What kinds of shapes can swimming buoys have?

A swimming buoy floats behind the swimmer and is also often equipped with a waterproof dry bag for personal belongings. Inflatable swimming buoys come in different shapes and sizes. The swimming buoy by RESTUBE is “tube-shaped”. For this reason, the English word “tube” is part of the name RESTUBE. The inflatable swimming buoy by RESTUBE is 76 cm long and has a diameter of 35 cm. Its shape and size are perfect for open water swimming, such as triathlons. They significantly increase the safety of the wearer. There are also other forms of swimming buoys designed for specific applications.

How much do swimming buoys cost?

The prices of swimming buoys vary, as does the quality. Our swimming buoy by RESTUBE has been extensively tested and is made of high-quality, durable materials. The buoy is completely PVC free, as we only use high-quality nylon TPU material. Try our swimming buoy in open water swimming or in a triathlon and ensure increased safety for yourself, as well as others, with visibility and extra buoyancy when you need it. The inflatable swimming buoy by RESTUBE is available for 39.95 euros. Sign up for our newsletter now to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our special offers!