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Episode 2 with Anna Tschirky

by Johanna | Restube

published on August 03, 2023

We asked Anna to share her five most important technique tips for stand-up paddling with us. They will help you learn the right technique right from the start and have fun on the SUP from the first stroke!

1. The correct position on the board!
Stand hip-width apart on the stand-up paddle board and bend your knees slightly while paddling.

2. How to hold the paddle correctly!
When paddling, try to stretch your upper arm and form a triangle with your upper hand, your lower hand and the paddle.

3. Your gaze determines the path!
Always look straight ahead! This makes you more stable on the board and makes it easier for you to keep a straight line. Don’t look down at your board!

4. Pay attention to your safety!
To have fun while paddling, it is important that you feel safe. Therefore, always have Restube with you! In an uncomfortable situation, you can pull the trigger and the buoy will inflate in seconds.

 Also: Wear a leash if the water allows it. Attach the leash under your knee and to your board. This way you stay connected to your board. If you fall into the water, you can reach it more easily.

5. The right paddle stroke!
Try to put the paddle as far forward as possible. When the paddle blade is in the water, use a lot of pressure to pull the paddle in line with your body.

Thanks for your tips, Anna!

To learn more from Anna and get insights on her career as a successful SUP athlete, follow her on Instagram!

Anna Tschirky is a professional stand-up paddler and already a 6-time Swiss champion. She trusts in the Restube PFD for SUP training and competition.

Have you already caught the paddle fever? Tell us about your experiences and adventures on the SUP! And if you have another tip for the SUP community, feel free to leave a comment! We look forward to hearing from you!

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