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Restube active Partner Package
Restube active Partner Package
Restube active Partner Package
Restube active Partner Package
Restube active Partner Package
Restube active Partner Package
Freisteller des wasserfesten LED vor einem weißen Hintergrund
Restube active Partner Package
Restube active Partner Package
Restube CO2 Kartuschen im sechser Pack 16 Gramm
Freisteller vom blauen 10 Liter Trockensack von RESTUBE
Freistellen vor weißen Hintergrund von dem gelben 10L drybag von RESTUBE
Restube active Partner Package

Restube active Partner Package

2x Restube active incl. cartridges, 2x LED lights & 2x drybags
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Restube active (Color)
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Restube active for you and your swim partner

This package gives you and your swim buddy everything you need to get started with Restube. It contains seven products:

  • 2x Restube active (color: black icemint or icemint)
  • 6x Restube replacement cartridges
  • 2x Waterproof LED safety lights by RESTUBE
  • 2x 10L drybags by RESTUBE (1x yellow, 1x blue)

Restube READY: Yes
75N (~7,5kg)
Length: 65 cm
13 cm
Weight: 1451 g
Inflations: Up to 100 releases
EAN: 4260329281177 (icemint), 4260329281184 (black icemint)
Country of origin:
Germany / Austria / China
Scope of delivery: 2x Restube active + 6x 16g CO2 cartridges + 2x LED Lights by Restube + 1x 10L Drybag (yellow)+ 1x 10L Drybag (blue)

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Find a detailed guide how to pack & maintain Restube here.

Find the Restube active Partner Package manual here.


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Accessories for Restube active Partner Package
Restube reflector
Restube reflector
6,99 €
swim buoy by RESTUBE
swim buoy by RESTUBE
26,95 €
Restube trigger protector
Restube trigger protector
4,99 €

How Restube works

man holding Restube showing that you always have it with you and can help others or draw attention to yourself
Key Feature
Convenient to wear doing active sports

Very high wearing comfort due to the option of vertical or horizontal mounting at the belt. Active swimmers wear Restube for example vertical attached in the back. The trigger grip is looking downwards to easily be reachable. To have an even more stable positioning for long distance swimmers, just push the positioning bar into the "Active belt".

Key Feature
Attachable at RESTUBE READY products

More and more brands make their products RESTUBE READY. With this feature you can connect your Restube directly to your favorite swimming trunks or wetsuit. Find an overview of how it works and the first partnering brands here.

Key Feature
Trigger handle also serves as a whistle

Blow the whistle to draw attention to you.

Restube function

- Small and robust, always on hand
- Enough buoyancy for an adult
- Also inflatable by mouth
- Reusable up to 100 times

Loic Branda joggt mit Restube active am Strand durch das Wasser


“For me, swimming in open water means limitless freedom. Restube gives me even more focus and enables me to swim further and longer.”

Buy Restube active

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All the information you need

Learn about your Restube

What is a safety buoy?

A safety buoy is an accessory that you can carry with you during activities in the water and that provides more safety. It gives you extra buoyancy and visibility when you need it. There are buoys made of solid material – the famous Baywatch buoy, for example – there are swimming buoys, which are already inflated on land and pulled along in the water, and then there is Restube: the most compact format of a swimming buoy, as it is packed into a small pouch and inflated only when it’s needed with a pull of the trigger and using a screw-in CO2 cartridge. Optimal for use in open water swimming, such as in triathlons. A swimming buoy is an essential accessory for anyone who enjoys spending time on and in the water. It increases your own safety and the safety of others, because it can also be handed to a person in need.

When is it necessary to use a safety buoy?

A swimming buoy is recommended for any activity in and around water, as a swimming buoy greatly increases safety. The additional buoyancy provided by a swimming buoy when needed can be crucial and quickly defuse a critical situation. Restube is the extremely compact version, because the buoy itself is packed in a pouch and inflated only when necessary via CO2 cartridge. Until then you can carry the buoy in the pouch on a strap around your waist or directly on your equipment. At the same time, you can enjoy complete freedom of movement and extreme freedom, knowing that additional buoyancy is just a pull of the trigger away. Restube can also be inflated at any time using the mouth valve and used as a swimming buoy that you pull behind you in the water, providing you with permanent visibility. It has almost no resistance in the water and you can dive with it even through waves. It’s perfect for open water swimming such as in triathlons.

What is a safety buoy for?

Using a safety buoy during water activities increases the safety of the wearer and also of other people in the water. The buoy provides you with additional buoyancy when it is needed. If you carry a safety buoy yourself, you can also hand it to someone near you who may be in distress. This will prevent you from putting yourself in danger trying to help someone. You can also use a safety buoy to attract attention by waving it.

How does a safety buoy work?

A safety buoy provides additional buoyancy and visibility. This can be crucial if you find yourself in a problematic situation in the water. There are several models that differ in the way they are used. Restube is a buoy that you inflate when needed through a pull of the trigger with a screwed-in CO2 cartridge. The swimming buoy by RESTUBE is a swimming buoy that you already inflate on land and pull behind you in the water. This means you’ll maintain increased visibility the whole time. No matter which model you choose, always bring extra buoyancy with you during your activities in the water, because this can instantly defuse an unpleasant situation – for you and also for others, as you can pass the buoy to them.

Where can you buy a safety buoy?

You can find a safety buoy in stores where accessories for water sports are sold and here on restube.com. We specialize in products that increase your safety in the water. We offer various buoys that differ in specifications and are therefore optimally suited to your area of application. If you are unsure which product is the right one for you, take our quiz and find out in a short amount of time. 

How much does a safety buoy cost?

At RESTUBE, we offer a variety of buoys that differ in their specifications to best suit the application. Our entry-level model for family and recreation, Restube beach, is already available at 49.95 Euros. Restube active is suitable for athletic use, such as open water swimming and triathlons, and comes with extra features including an integrated whistle. This buoy costs 89.95 Euros. Restube extreme is suitable for harsh conditions. It features very robust material and a split pin closure and costs 99.95 euros.

What materials are used for the manufacture of a safety buoy?

Nature and treating it responsibly are very important to us. That's why we use environmentally friendly processes and materials wherever we can. Our manufacturing is completely PVC free. Only high quality and durable nylon TPU material is used in all RESTUBE models.

What are the benefits of a safety buoy?

The additional buoyancy provided by a safety buoy can provide relaxation and also be crucial for safety in many situations. . Either to you or someone else when you pass on the buoy. With a buoy you will also be seen more easily and can draw additional attention to yourself by waving. The yellow signal color of the Restube buoy is ideal for this purpose. In addition, many models with us are equipped with a whistle. This allows you to emit an audible signal. You can also buy the whistle separately, retrofit your buoy, or just use it as is.